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I woke up this morning in the heart of one of your paintings.

I am not an art expert, i don't pretend to know about it- or feel qualified to suggest what makes art art.
Or why.

I only know what i feel,
Without conscious thought of talking myself into it - i felt through all of the senses: the smells - sounds - tastes - as if id been there

sadness but not despair - the bright sun, colorful clothing on dark skin - life - hope
And where there are women - working, washing - cooking - carrying life, there is love and comfort.

I don't even know how to show appreciation - but i need to thank you - to tell you that you have created something honest, bringing an awareness to us that life isn't always a walk in the park
Thank you, thank you,
your art communicates in a language that is more than words, or expressions and inflections - your work picked me up out of a hot - indulgent, people packed park, and took me to the world you paint.

Peace, over you and your family

– Marg